What is LaughPass?

LaughPass is an annual membership that grants you access to unlimited comedy shows at venues across the country plus great perks, like VIP seating and free tickets for your friends. We’re well on our way to making the country laugh together!

Membership access to unlimited
comedy shows

*Perks vary by club. Please contact club for list of Specific perks.
Below is based on Stand Up NY’s LaughPass perks.

Access to see unlimited shows

See unlimited shows at any of the clubs within the LP network! Advanced reservations required to ensure you have a seat.

Free ticket to bring a friend each show

(Reduced to 1 drink min. for guest)

Advance notice when celebrity comics are added

Get text or email notification when celebrities and high-profile events are at the club.

Free tickets to live comedy experiences

Free tickets to comedy movies, late night talk shows, comedy festivals, live podcast and more.

our vision

George Carlin’s seven dirty words. Saturday Night Live. Videos of cats startled by zucchini. Not many things bring people together or influence society in the way comedy does. Comedy is incredibly important. It reminds us that we all crave laughter, happiness, and connection regardless of age, religion, or number of regrettable tattoos.

This is why LaughPass was created: we believe in making live comedy more accessible and affordable so that anyone can experience the connection and joy comedy provides. Our mission is to amplify artists’ voices, turn strangers into friends, and provide people with the opportunity to let go and have fun. And maybe we’ll compare tattoo stories.

Created by Dani Zoldan, one of the co-owners of NYC’s Stand Up NY Comedy Club, LaughPass is now accepted at over 20 venues across the country. We’re well on our way to making the country laugh together.

We’d love for you to join us. Let’s have a good laugh.
*No cats were startled in the making of this site*

laughPass venues

LaughPass is accepted at comedy clubs and venues across the country! Check out the list below of all the locations in our network. Perks vary by venue, so please contact the venue directly for information on what they offer to LaughPass holders.

Chicago, IL

Stand Up NY, New York

Myrtle Beach, SC

Detroit, MI

Miami, FL

New Orleans, LA

Washington, DC

Chicago, IL

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